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  • Become a part of booming and rapidly growing Data Analytics Industry.
  • Become Job Ready with our focus on your Holistic Development.
  • Become a Pro in Industry Relevant tools like Python, SQL, Excel, Tableau and TensorFlow.

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Tailor made curriculum
  • Industry focused technical curriculum augmented with candidate focused  soft skills enhancement programme.
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  • Get taught and mentored by Ivy Pros.
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  • SkillEnable focuses on your complete and holistic development so that you can become the " Target Hired"! Check all the recuriter's boxes with SkillEnable's Deep Dive In Data Science Programme.
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About IVY School

Ivy® Professional School is the official and authorized learning partner of some of the biggest corporate houses in India in the field of Analytics, Consulting, Banking & Finance, Information Technology, FMCG, Project Management and Manufacturing.

Ivy® has trained 10,000+ professionals since its inception in late 2007 as the official partner of companies like ITC, HSBC, eBay/Paypal, Capgemini, Cognizant, Lexmark Inc., MOL Ltd, Ion Exchange Ltd, NACEN, etc.

Trusted by 50+ Fortune 500 companies

Course & Summary

Deep Dive in Data Science - ML and AI 
  • Week (1-4)

    Data Science Essentials

    Dashboarding & Automation using Excel (spreadsheet)

    Data Visualization & Data Storytelling using Tableau

    Dashboarding Handling using Python

    Case Studies

  • Week (5-8)

    Descriptive Statistics & Exploratory Data Analysis

    Visualize Data using Python

    Analytical Problem Solving & Structured Thinking using Real world business case studies

    Exploratory Data Analysis using Large Data Sets

    Descriptive & Inferential Statistics using Mini Case Studies

    Hypothesis Testing

    Case Studies

  • Week (9-12)

    Predictive Analytics & Machine Learning

    Multiple Linear Regression - Help a large insurance company predict customer lifetime sales potential

    Logistic Regression


    Principal Component Analysis (PCA) & Factor Engineering

    Model Validation, Evaluation & Model Selection

    Real-world Projects from Credit Risk, Marketing, HR, eCommerce, Cab Aggregator Industries

  • Week (13-16)

    Advanced Machine Learning

    Decision Trees

    Random forest

    Boosting & Bagging

    Neural Networks Foundation

  • Week (17-20)

    AI & Deep Dive into Deep Learning

    Neural Networks Principles & Engineering Foundation - Tensorflow, keras, Pytorch

  • Week (21-24)

    Case Studies
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Become a Pro in Industry Relevant Tools
  • Get Industry Endorsed Certificate : Join the industry endorsed program by Ivy Pro School co-created with SkillEnable. A Unique Collaboration between academia and industry specifically focused on maximising employability.
  • Join the Data Science Industry : Opportunity to work in one of the fastest growing and rewarding industries in the world.
  • Flexibility of learning from anywhere : Specialised learning programme developed to be delivered live online. Give yourself freedom to attend from anywhere. All you need is a laptop and a good internet connection.
  • Work on Real-life Cases / Projects : Hands-on learning on real-life projects/case studies using advanced statistical tools (R, Python, Tableau) and latest models used in Machine Learning and Data Visualization.
  • Focus on Holistic development : We have an all round development approach where we equip you with skills such as CV building, networking skills, Interview skills and other crucial job oriented skills.

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Payment Plans


Prepaid Payment

Pay us full fees of Rs 2,00,000 + GST upfront.


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Postpaid Payment

Pay us 17.5% of your salary for 36 months if you get a job paying more than the minimum guaranteed CTC.

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Admission Process
Our selection process includes series of assessments based on Quantitative, Critical Reasoning and interpersonal skills.This is to ensure that the candidate is best fit for the course and data science industry

Stage 1

Step 1
Basic Info
Step 2
Online Assesment
Step 3
Virtual Interview

Stage 2

Face to faceinterview/Skype interview

Mentor / Teachers

Frequently asked questions

Any candidate who has completed Graduation/Post Graduation with basic knowledge of mathematics and statistics is eligible to apply for this learning program. The candidate should have good speaking and interpersonal skills.

It is an approximately 24 week long program.

Two hour classes would be conducted on the weekdays(8pm-10pm) and 4 hour classes on the weekends(11am-3:30pm).Total of 18 hours per week.

Links of the recorded classes would be forwarded to the students who have missed classes.

We do not offer a part time option.

Remedial classes would be conducted for the students who have missed classes due to their exams. Exam schedule should be sent to SkillEnable at least 2 months prior to the exam.

Joint certification from Skillenable and Ivy Pro School would be provided to the candidate on the completion of the program.

The entrance test requires basic knowledge in subjects like mathematics and statistics. The entrance assessments are designed to ensure a high quality of candidate for this elite program. We also test other strengths such as logical reasoning and overall aptitude. Moreover, psychometric analysis is also conducted as our main goal is to find a highly motivated individual.

Your performance in our entrance test will be given more weightage than your college grades.

1. A salaried employee or waged employee working an average of at least 30 hours per week
2. A full time contractor for 3 months or longer
3. An intern in a paid internship used to evaluate a candidate for a full time salaried role.

This institution eyes enhancement of your career in every aspect and you are free to work in your previous organization.Although the ISA will still be in effect as long as you have got a job (or we have offered you a qualifying position and you reject it).

Our alumni are currently working at 200+ Analytics and Data Science companies including Capgemini, Amazon, J.P. Morgan,ITC,Genpact,PwC and Honeywell. You will be actively referred to all our hiring partners.

The candidate will be actively referred to the companies until he/she successfully secures a job with the minimum guaranteed CTC.

Ofcourse you can select the company you like. However, our promise of offering you a qualifying position is fulfilled even if we offer you a position in a company and you refuse it.

This is our very aim to guide you as per the specific situation.

Once the learning program reaches mid-way the students would be referred to our hiring partners based on their potential and calibre.

We have active representatives in numerous institutions and companies. Moreover, we believe in building relationships of trust and transparency with our students.

There are two options-Prepaid and postpaid(Please refer to the payments section for further details).

17.5% of the non variable component of your CTC.

If you cannot get a job providing minimum guaranteed CTC, you are not liable to pay anything to us.

You can leave the learning program and break the ISA contract with us only till you have completed 2 week classes. Thereafter you are bound to pay on pro rata basis.

No. Your monthly fee would not change with a hike post employment.

We offer a zero cost EMI option as well.

You are liable to start paying us once you join a company offering you minimum guaranteed CTC. It's completely on you to continue or discontinue the ongoing job. We would highly recommend against shouldering the financial burden of an EMI without a job though.

Before signing the ISA we would be giving you guidance regarding possible locations and profiles, therefore, if you get an offer in line with the guidance you are liable to pay us as per the ISA regardless of whether you accept or decline.

If our company finds your reasons genuine then you would be given the necessary assistance.It would not indemnify you from your payments but we will assist you if your case is genuine.

You would be actively referred to our hiring partners for one year after the learning program completion. If you cannot secure a job guaranteeing the minimum CTC, you will not be liable to pay us.

We have a prepaid payment option for the candidates who don't wish to take up a job on the completion of the learning program.

Students are assigned mentors based on the candidate specific strengths and weaknesses.