Partner Institutes

  • Student fee received upfront - enables much better cash flow management for institute (especially beneficial for training partners who need capital upfront to grow
  • Much larger reach - many more candidates will opt to do the course without the financial burden of a large upfront payment.
  • Focus on holistic development of candidate - SkillEnable provides candidates training for essential skills such as Interview prep, CV building classes, networking skills, etc.
  • Income Sharing Agreement - we assess and invest in your top candidates and provide them access to your course for no upfront fee and also assist them get a job with a minimum guaranteed CTC. They will only pay us back a small percentage of their income WHEN and IF they get a job with the pre-agreed CTC.
  • Super quick loan approval - we are leveraging technology in order to provide a seamless, efficient and quick experience for all users. We guarantee same day approval for your candidate so as to ensure your lead does not slip away to competitors.
  • Huge focus on lead generation for our partner institutes - we will continuously engage with potential candidates via student fairs, events we will host and competitions we will host. One of our main focuses is to increase awareness about skill development and the opportunities that it opens up.


  • Curated and best in class job focused courses made available in conjunction with our verified training partners
  • Easy and convenient process - 100% online process with quick approval
  • Focus on your holistic development - equipping you with job focused skills such as CV building, Networking Skills, Interview skills etc. to augment your newly acquired skillset.
  • Placement Assistance - we constantly network and build relations with various MNCs in order to source job openings which are passed on exclusively to our candidates.
  • Income Sharing Agreement Programme- not only will top candidates be guaranteed a job with a minimum CTC under this program, they will also be taught the course having paid no fees upfront. Only when they get a job with the minimum guaranteed CTC will they have to pay us a small percentage of their income.
  • Candidates will have access to AI powered tools such as salary predictor and job matcher on our platform.

The Process

1. Begin your Journey

2. Meet your career coach


3. Get financial assistance


4. Get your dream job