The Founders

Nirpeksh Kumbhat

Nirpeksh Kumbhat is the founder of Skillenable, a unique platfrom that enables the Indian youth to be a part of the skill-driven workforce. He is the man behind the vision of empowering the Indian youth for a passion-driven career. Nirpeksh holds a degree in Msc. Finance from The London School of Economics as well as Finance from the University of Warwick.


Prateek Agarwal

Prateek, a Computer Engineer and a Management Graduate from Texas, started his career as an SOX Consultant at National Instruments in Austin and eventually moved to Technology Strategy Consulting with Capgemini US. In his consultancy career, he advised and provided consultancy services to various Fortune 100 financial and real-estate firms.

The Vision

Skill India Initiative launched by PM Modi is 2015 aims to provide skill based education to more than 400 million people (more than the entire population of the USA!) by 2022. Unfortunately a large proportion of India's deserving youth do not have the financial resources to access such quality skill based courses. SkillEnable aims to empower such "skill seekers" by providing them with soft skills training, placement assistance, career counselling and also low cost or zero cost fee financing options to engage with specialised skill focused courses.

The Problem


Growth of unemployment rates (%) among youth and graduates in India

Overall unemployment rate is up from 7.5% in 2017 (third quater) of a staggering 9.1 in 2018 (third quater). In the same period, graduate unemployment has gone up from 14.7% to 15.6%. Confirming the unfortunate state of the much-hyped demographic dividened, joblessness amoung youth of 20-24 years age has zoomed up from 28% to over 37%. In other words, more than a third of these young people are unable to find jobs. Even among the youth in the age group of 25-29 years old joblessness is up from 11.4% to 12.2% in the past one year.

The Opportunity

Skill India campaign launched in 2015 by PM Modi aims to provide skill-based training to 400 Million people (more than the entire population of the USA!) by 2022. Unfortunately, the vast majority of young people in India do not have the financial resources in order to engage with good quality courses and access to financing is very low for most of India's youth. Therefore for Skill India to become a success it is essential for companies and individuals to focus on financially enabling India's dreamers and future achievers.

  • This provides for us a huge opportunity to organise and aggregate this market with a specialist knowledge of such skill-based courses and strong linkages with banks, NBFCs, and employers. Our model will be completely technology-driven in order to ensure scalability and will embrace advances such as AI and Machine Learning in order to drive speed and efficiency. We will ensure that students have access to the best quality courses and have viable and fair financing options in order to engage with these courses.
  • Furthermore, we will continue our association with the student and help them get a high paying job (based on his newly acquired and valuable skillset), therefore ensuring he/she meets their goal. We will innovate and bring new and exciting products like Income Sharing Agreements in order to broaden our reach, widen our margins and keep all stakeholders happy.
  • Vocational education and Fintech are two rapidly growing and important sectors in the India of tomorrow. We have a chance to not only be a part of this journey but to be a connecting point for two industries that are going to experience extraordinary growth and achieve paramount importance. The potential is unlimited.

The Solution

We are a FinTech platform that financially enables upskilling/reskilling by leveraging cutting edge technology to efficiently link students, institutes, Banks, NBFCs and MNCs. Our technology and processes aim to generate value for each of our stakeholders. For example, we are developing a skill-based credit assessment system for banks to augment their credit assessment process and enable them to confidently lend to a much larger market. We have been in the vocational education space for the last 11 years working to upskill more than 12,000 people and many Fortune 50 companies. SkillEnable has the backing of a diverse industry group with 30+ years of experience in various domains.